Entry #1


2015-01-05 09:10:05 by BTWComics

Good day guys!

My name is Brandon and I am from England (no I am not evil like most british characters are portrayed in the movies). I enjoy creating comic book art and have been practicing for several years now and believe that I am at the point where I would like to show it to the world. I'll be sure to post some art soon so until I do bye for now. 


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2015-03-31 04:00:11

haha well as an aussie, i've never really known a stereotype where british people are evil, so no need to worry about that mate :P

welcome to NG and looking forward to see you grow as an artist :)

BTWComics responds:

That's good haha, well I like aussies too as Josiah Brooks 'Jazza' is one of my favourite artists, so you've got a good rep as far as I'm concerned :)